Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Memo To Self Look Up

Did I Hear You Say Smize?

So, I started University this year and boy, it has been filled with some many unexpected outcomes! -this included. Within my first few weeks I was approached, in the most unlikely of places; a nightclub's toilets, to take part in a student's catwalk. Although I am one of the most self-conscious people you will ever meet, (and yes I have been told this is hard to believe but trust me it's true,) I thought it may help me settle into my new "pond" (moving location) and hopefully meet some lovely people, not to mention hopefully spy on some hunky men -I was not wrong.

The Catwalk was to showcase some of the past student's work, whilst provide the University of Central Lancashire's Fashion Styling students a chance to test their skills to host and arrange the rest of the show around the theme; "Global Threads". The catwalk was to introduce the new exhibition being opened at the Harris Museum, Preston,and so us models had to strut our stuff around the glorious Museum's interior. 

It was such a fun night, and like I said I met some lovely people! Also in the fashion industry they say it's all about the contacts contacts contacts, and so by doing this I hope I have got my footsteps a little further into the industry. Would definitely recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to do something like this to give it a whirl. If I can, and thankfully manage not to fall face first, and you definitely can! -if it does not act as a confident boost then take full advantage of checking out them yummy upper torso's of the male models ;)

Getting my makeup done
-hello gold foil, anyone for a Rolo?

Behind The Scenes

Taking to the Catwalk
-no i cannot really see
Anyone call for a Genie?

Uclan Grad's Work
-now working for Coast


The Block Colour
-Handmade bag by a Uclan Student
of the Eastern Fashion's Course

Cheese with an extra helping of Cheese

Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo

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