Saturday, 23 June 2012

BRB Sunshine calling...

You would not believe the relief I had on Thursday at around 11:30, when I received text messages off my best friend and sister. Me and Jess (BF) had been planning a last minute get away for ages however, it had somewhat remained in my switched off memory-bank that I still needed to renew my passport. While I neglected this tiny detail, time seemed to fly by and it wasn't long until I broke up from uni and returned home. Then my panic button went off... I NEED TO GET A PASSPORT!! It was then the manic trips to and from the post office began, this was just to ensure my photo would meet all the right guideline, and hopefully not get regretted. When the forth attempt was excepted, with a huge sigh of
relief, the passport was then signed and sealed and sent off to liverpool for the application process to begin. Clocks continued to tick but still no passport, it was then I started to feel a little anxious; had it been rejected? -nerves definitely kicked in. 

Two weeks and a three days later, I was on a trip to the bull ring to sample my first delights  of Yo! Sushi, and begin my holiday shop of course, any excuse to check out what's on the high street. However, still no passport, I needed to find out where it was. A phone call later to the passport helpline and still none the wise, stupidly I had not taken note of the barcode reference, therefore they could not tell me what stage it was at, I had to sit and wait like a dog for a bone. 


Saturday came and Momma BB and I took a trip to my Uni to check out their Creative Focus Show; this was an exhibition showcasing UCLAN's graduates talents of 2012, boy were they talented! Whilst in Preston I received a message saying I had a package at home however, it had been taken to the post office as no one answered the door -if only they realised the doorbell wasn't working! This meant I then had to wait until Monday to find out if it was my identity waiting for me. 

Monday came and with that so did the post with a very formal letter addressed to Miss R E Cartwright, this did not look good. Clenching nervously I opened it.."unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful..." I could of cried right there! Due to changing dramatically from my last photo, the counter signature was vital to clarify that it was indeed myself in the photo. Although the photo had been signed, my counter signature had neglected to include eight words, "I clarify that this is the true likeness of.." and therefore it was not accepted. One intense call to the passport helpline and I had two options; no holidays or pay an extra £52 and have it fast tracked, needless to say I am £52 shorter on my holiday shopping -thank god I went beforehand. I was then literally touch and go as to whether it was in fact going to arrive on time, 

Thursday morning could no come quick enough! However, this was now no longer the only problem.  Would we even find a holiday deal so short notice? A trip to the travel agents later and we begin to realise that everyone had the same idea and snapped up all the last minute deals, leaving us pretty much
stranded here in the UK. Our only option was to pray my passport would come and we get to the travel agents ASAP to snap up whatever deal was left, fingers were firmly crossed!

Whilst in a fit of giggles, I was in the middle of my leg wax which strangely makes me laugh not cry, my phone beeped to say "YOUR PASSPORT HAS ARRIVED". As soon as I was silky smooth I literally ran home to meet Jess, who had been passport delivery watching, to then head straight out to the travel agents to find where our travels were heading. We nervously sat in our seats while three travel agents were trying to track down the best deals, things weren't looking too great. What felt like hours later we were on to something .. Tenerife for a week leaving Sunday, in the best rated hotel? Yes please!! And so £800 poorer our flights and hotel were booked.

With that note I shall say Adios lovelies catch you in a week!
-hope the weather is not to miserable in the UK, okay maybe a little bit I haven't just forked out that much money for Sun for no reason haha


Muchos Loves
bb, xoxo


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