Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rock and Rollarrrssssss

Wish I was a Punk Rockerrr...

One of the delights of Preston is a club called Warehouse. It is an alternative place as rather then playing just your club hits and r 'n' b, it hosts a jumble of indie, rock, punk etc. As a Tuesday night drew in Me, the lavly Stef and the beautiful Jas decided to wobble down the cobbles for a cheeky few. Going on a student night is fab as it offers something for everyone; with three floors dedicated to a different genre of music, which is perfect for me as I like a bit of pic'n'mix, not only in music haha.

If you were there you'd understand why I used the word 'cheeky' to describe our antics. After a few shots we were in well swing and soaking up the atmosphere. However, this is when the usually trouble begins (and this night was no different).. hello dares. Acting more like our shoe sizes (6 sometimes 6.5,) than our age we started causing the havoc among the floors. 

Below are a few snaps of the evening, camera happy gaining evidence.


Just to give you an idea of some of the cheekiness we got up to, and perhaps some inspiration as to how to make an absolute "Rodney Blonker" out of yourselves here is the Dare's List.


-Lasso yourself a man
-Kiss the bouncer
-Bite that guy's bum
-use the men's toilets
-"borrow" that guy's jacket
-lick his face
-do a moobs rub down
-wedgie him over there
-ruffle his hair for a 1 minute
-drag him in the corner to the dance floor
-break out doing the thriller
-stroke that bald guy
-rob the chav's hat
-jump in their photograph

Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo

memo: you do not need alcohol for fun, however you do need a fun mad individuals

BRB Sunshine calling...

You would not believe the relief I had on Thursday at around 11:30, when I received text messages off my best friend and sister. Me and Jess (BF) had been planning a last minute get away for ages however, it had somewhat remained in my switched off memory-bank that I still needed to renew my passport. While I neglected this tiny detail, time seemed to fly by and it wasn't long until I broke up from uni and returned home. Then my panic button went off... I NEED TO GET A PASSPORT!! It was then the manic trips to and from the post office began, this was just to ensure my photo would meet all the right guideline, and hopefully not get regretted. When the forth attempt was excepted, with a huge sigh of
relief, the passport was then signed and sealed and sent off to liverpool for the application process to begin. Clocks continued to tick but still no passport, it was then I started to feel a little anxious; had it been rejected? -nerves definitely kicked in. 

Two weeks and a three days later, I was on a trip to the bull ring to sample my first delights  of Yo! Sushi, and begin my holiday shop of course, any excuse to check out what's on the high street. However, still no passport, I needed to find out where it was. A phone call later to the passport helpline and still none the wise, stupidly I had not taken note of the barcode reference, therefore they could not tell me what stage it was at, I had to sit and wait like a dog for a bone. 


Saturday came and Momma BB and I took a trip to my Uni to check out their Creative Focus Show; this was an exhibition showcasing UCLAN's graduates talents of 2012, boy were they talented! Whilst in Preston I received a message saying I had a package at home however, it had been taken to the post office as no one answered the door -if only they realised the doorbell wasn't working! This meant I then had to wait until Monday to find out if it was my identity waiting for me. 

Monday came and with that so did the post with a very formal letter addressed to Miss R E Cartwright, this did not look good. Clenching nervously I opened it.."unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful..." I could of cried right there! Due to changing dramatically from my last photo, the counter signature was vital to clarify that it was indeed myself in the photo. Although the photo had been signed, my counter signature had neglected to include eight words, "I clarify that this is the true likeness of.." and therefore it was not accepted. One intense call to the passport helpline and I had two options; no holidays or pay an extra £52 and have it fast tracked, needless to say I am £52 shorter on my holiday shopping -thank god I went beforehand. I was then literally touch and go as to whether it was in fact going to arrive on time, 

Thursday morning could no come quick enough! However, this was now no longer the only problem.  Would we even find a holiday deal so short notice? A trip to the travel agents later and we begin to realise that everyone had the same idea and snapped up all the last minute deals, leaving us pretty much
stranded here in the UK. Our only option was to pray my passport would come and we get to the travel agents ASAP to snap up whatever deal was left, fingers were firmly crossed!

Whilst in a fit of giggles, I was in the middle of my leg wax which strangely makes me laugh not cry, my phone beeped to say "YOUR PASSPORT HAS ARRIVED". As soon as I was silky smooth I literally ran home to meet Jess, who had been passport delivery watching, to then head straight out to the travel agents to find where our travels were heading. We nervously sat in our seats while three travel agents were trying to track down the best deals, things weren't looking too great. What felt like hours later we were on to something .. Tenerife for a week leaving Sunday, in the best rated hotel? Yes please!! And so £800 poorer our flights and hotel were booked.

With that note I shall say Adios lovelies catch you in a week!
-hope the weather is not to miserable in the UK, okay maybe a little bit I haven't just forked out that much money for Sun for no reason haha


Muchos Loves
bb, xoxo


Friday, 22 June 2012

They Call Me Mrs Kiplings...

Mrs Kipling eat your heart out?

I was set a task to make as many space themed cakes made as possible for Wednesday, (space as in astronomy not "magic" cakes haha). At Mumma BB school they were hosting a Space evening with guest speakers, and were planning on including some space themed treats. However, all those who had volunteered to do some baking had literally aborted the mission. Up steps Beccy, aimed with Popping Candy, Flying Saucers and Magic Stars...

The baking was great fun, I love getting messy! However, as always the last task i.e. the tidy up was not so much (it was here I began to wish the shooting stars really did have magical powers), although the trusty Steed (Bailey) did provide a helping hand, or should I say tongue, with the clean up process.

Here are some more of my Mrs Kipling moments...





Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo


Monday, 18 June 2012

I'm a Student baby

So you think you can hack being a fresher?

My first year is well and truly up, and golly it has been a whirlwind of a journey. So your first year is a breeze? I would love to meet the not-so-wise person who made this ridic of a statement. Okay I get it your first year is like a 'settle in period' your work does not actually go towards your degree. HOWEVER, do NOT underestimate how hard the adjustment can be! Airy-forever-fairy-beccy sat in the one (of the two) cars full of  her belonging dreaming of the partying, freedom and friendships she was about endeavour. Yet did she realise the shock to the system she was about to collide with. 

Task One: Finding your new friendlings

Me being a bit of an old ball, started off rather slow. Shy would definitely be my first understatement, my new pond seamed filled with some very scary looking sharks! Freshers is publicised as being like a huge-ass rave, where everyone randomly joins in a new found BBF pack. Pft as if that is what really happens. First you need to figure out where the "hot" place to go is (of which you not only have a problem figuring out what event to go to but also where to locate it). Once that decisions is made then comes every girls nightmare; what do I wear!!?! -UV paint party? Erm do I still bother doing my hair? (future reference really don't you get given a giant boiler suit of which you look like some kind of giant condom -aka hair well hidden).

Task Two: Finding your way around

Within this new pond are of course new windy channels, sea-weed turnings and danger-fishing points; which of course all need discovering. For someone like myself, being left in a new place is a very daunting experience. Just so you can understand my level of awfulness when it comes to a sense of directions, when I started local college (I had lived in the area for over 5 years,) I had to be literally escorted to the building for at least a month before I could get the grips with my whereabouts (it was only a 30 minute walk from my then house)! -I know shameful right? Therefore, can you see my distress of being left in a completely new place to get from A to B myself! All I can say is iPhone's are life savers! (their map app actually acts as a human sat nav).


Oh you may laugh, but boy I would like to see you try and deal with this splash in the face. 

Who would of thought it would be that hard to cook, clean and in fact manage your whole life yourself. This may sound pathetic but for an 18 year old that has lived at home all her life, and only attempt at ironing was with her pair of straighteners on a maxi dress (no I did not end well), it was hard! However, I shall give you guys a top tip... buy lots and lots and lots and lots of undies! -if your anything like me you have plenty of clothes therefore, the main need of washing would be for your "lucky pants" therefore buying plenty of supplies will reduce the urgency of grabbing the nearest Daz box. Was not sure whether to include this but I did only complete one whole wash in my whole first year; Muma BB has already began the lessons for next year though :/
And these were just my first three tasks once I arrived, I have completely skipped the what-seemed-like-impossible mission of deciding what to pack... what to wear... and the tear-filled goodbyes to the loveable pooch, friends and home comforts (and ofc the family)...


Wooooahhh now don't go subtracting those UCAS forms just yet! Okay so the first slog was hard work, and yes it was a very extreme rollar-coaster (one that would definitely  kick ass from Alton Towers). But I can truly say it was worth it! Firstly my packed, made with myself, of not using the lift to get to the 6th floor of my halls for my flat, did help shift off those alcoho-pol-calories, whilst making a rather funny mission to undergo slightly tipsy ;) But I cannot dismiss that I have actually found some beautiful beautiful people, which I hope shall become forever engraved on my christmas card list. 

Thought I would provide some evidence of my happy-snappy-shots of some lovely memories created whilst at uni. Take this as proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and although I still have a long journey to go (currently on route home), I hope by the end of my uni experience I shall leave with some beautiful friends for life and some well needed life skills .. oo and a degree wouldn't go a miss.


Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo

p.s. close inspection showed that the earlier sharks (found in the pond) where in actual fact dolphins in fancy dress    

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Black Swan Got Jazzled

I have wanted to dress-up as the Black Swan ever since it hit our screens, and so when I was contacted via ModelMayhem to take part in a shoot inspired by such a look, I jumped at the chance! Not sure what to expect I stumbled into the studio, this time not knowing a sole, and to break the awkward silence I swung my arms in the air and shouted "I'm Beccy," -it was one of those situations where after you do something you realise what a goof you just were. I was put straight into hair and make-up, where I watched uneasily as Lucy, the make-up artist, applied the black paint and gems to my face. After what felt like hours I was finally allowed to see my look, and ggggzz did it scare me. Looking back at myself I was oh so scary, definitely fierce to say the least!Once an one hour of shooting was done I was then released to hit the streets of Preston, of which I once again managed to scare the public, this time it was about 10pm and so I really was the thing of your nightmares!

Just before the defacing was about to begin

Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo

Attempting to drink with gems on your lips is an art -must practise!


Jeepers Creepers Someone call the Adam's family?


A facebook message later and I'm on a shoot inspired by the  theatrical director Tim Burton, he recently released 'Dark Shadows' which I'm sure your all aware of as the yummy Johnny Depp was the leading man. 

The shoot, as you can see, was on location in which the stylist, Danielle Smith, sourced a local church to add to the theme and overall build up the setting and desired feel #spooky spooky. 

I loved working as our little trio of Danielle, who just graduated from the University of Central Lancashire this year, and Jay Bailey, the photographer. Both were truly lovely and put me totally at ease -I'm still a complete newbee to these things and merely being asked was such a compliment!

We had so much fun including scaring the local public; the shoot was taken on a day of which Rainy-Preston actually had a heat wave! This meant I was dressed as a wannabe member of the Adam's family whilst everyone else was sporting the shorts and flipflop look -didn't look too cool (nor did I feel it -literally was roasting). Or trying to improvise and make ... wait for it 'Wind.' This may sound oh so easy but let me tell you flapping a piece of camera equipment at the right precise moment and angular is tricker than it looks.

Fab day and I hope you agree we produced some fab shoots!

Poster Shot of Dark Shadows
Thought I'd include this to set the mood
The Eccentric Tim Burton
I loved the swirly patterns the arches made especially paired with the colourful church windows -too pretty
We finally got the right angle on the wind


Keep Smiling Lovelies,

bb, xoxo

Duvet Chains

Prop: Duvet 

Task: Tell a Love Story

The lovely Tasha Hagan was set another brief, a group task, of which they had to use a duvet to tell a story therefore, every shot was to include it. We had a short timeframe, in fact I think we only had an hour to shoot as the group literally had to shoot, edit and get back to class. 
The setting was gorge, a quiet little park however, if you look real up close you man see my goose-pimples; it was FREEZING! 
-it may have take an hour to shoot but oh boy I think it took about three mugs of hot chocolate to feel my legs again.

End results: 

  • Shared many giggles (and shivers)
  • Entertained an old man and his dog (we had an audience)
  • Got slightly stuck up a tree

buy a flask filled with hot chocolate and marshmallow if you don't want to turn a shade of blue


Keep Smiling Lovelies,
Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo

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