Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jeepers Creepers Someone call the Adam's family?


A facebook message later and I'm on a shoot inspired by the  theatrical director Tim Burton, he recently released 'Dark Shadows' which I'm sure your all aware of as the yummy Johnny Depp was the leading man. 

The shoot, as you can see, was on location in which the stylist, Danielle Smith, sourced a local church to add to the theme and overall build up the setting and desired feel #spooky spooky. 

I loved working as our little trio of Danielle, who just graduated from the University of Central Lancashire this year, and Jay Bailey, the photographer. Both were truly lovely and put me totally at ease -I'm still a complete newbee to these things and merely being asked was such a compliment!

We had so much fun including scaring the local public; the shoot was taken on a day of which Rainy-Preston actually had a heat wave! This meant I was dressed as a wannabe member of the Adam's family whilst everyone else was sporting the shorts and flipflop look -didn't look too cool (nor did I feel it -literally was roasting). Or trying to improvise and make ... wait for it 'Wind.' This may sound oh so easy but let me tell you flapping a piece of camera equipment at the right precise moment and angular is tricker than it looks.

Fab day and I hope you agree we produced some fab shoots!

Poster Shot of Dark Shadows
Thought I'd include this to set the mood
The Eccentric Tim Burton
I loved the swirly patterns the arches made especially paired with the colourful church windows -too pretty
We finally got the right angle on the wind


Keep Smiling Lovelies,

bb, xoxo


  1. ..seriously , you should go for Britains Next Top Model !

    1. haha as if!

      would be so much fun though,
      I'm addicted to that show!



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