Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Calling The Celeb-Look-A-Likes

Have you ever been told you look like a celeb? For me this is becoming virtually an every occurrence. My comparisons have ranged from the most bizarre (Katy B -seriously cannot see it myself) to the highly flattering, Natelie Portman. Admittedly it's lovely bein compared to beautiful women in the spotlight however, it can only get a bit tiresome when people begin to address you, with what they think are, hilarious puns aka Beccy-del-rae. 

-British Singer
The Beautifully Gifted Lana-del-ray
They say we have the same lips?

Lauren Pope

-known from "TOWIE" however, is a DJ, model and has her own label

Was mentioned whilst the guy was toxicated
-in his defence?
Wouldn't mind hitting the decks

Jennifer Garner


Definitely a natural beauty
Beach Babe!

Julia Roberts


Apparently I'm a young Julia Roberts?
She is rather beautiful...

Katy B


This one does puzzle me though
-maybe the hair?
Wish I had her vocals

Natalie Portman


The English Rose
Wishful thinking..  

I would love to put an end to the disputes so lovelies comment and tell me; Who you think is most accurately my celeb look-a-like? Also do you have a celeb look alike? And do you find it a compliment or a tad insulting? 

For now as old as its getting, Beccy-del-rae does have a ring to it, furthermore being referred to an "English Rose' like the beautiful Natelie Portman I secretly enjoy.

Muchos Loves,
bb, xoxo

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