Thursday, 19 July 2012

Where Are My Keys?

Photoshoot ✔
Drama for the day..

Today was not only for the day of the photoshoot, but the day I would finally get to pick up the keys for my house next year. YAY. 

After a long, but amazing, day in Wigan it was time to head back to Preston, this is when Alarms began to ring. Everyone's phone were going straight to answer service. Oh Boy..

After about a life time of waiting outside my new home I finally got in touch with someone. The problem: A mix up, my house mates thought i'd been and gone, and so hadn't left me a key whilst they headed on out for training (not to finish until 2am). Next move... blanket text messages to my nearest and dearest from Uni. 10 minutes later still no reply.
A) A lonely Preston Park Bench
B) The 24/7 Library
C) .. well it was a Sunday so I was stuck for option

I opted for B) the Library. My lovely photographer, Amy Newton, dropped me off outside and aimed with a suitcase and a mobile (to carry out SOS messages to everyone I know in Preston or from Uni) I went to set up camp. Oddly the automatic doors would not open.. Strange I walked round the doors to notice a sign, "Summer Holiday Opening Hours 7:00am-7:00pm" Oh Boy, it was 6:59pm -just my luck. Thinking fast I decided to go get myself a hot chocolate from Wetherspoons, to calm my nerves and think of a new plan. 

Just as the local Park bench began to look like my only option, a friend pulled through. They were coming to pick me up. THANK GOODNESS! So I finally found a bed to borrow until 6am, when they left for work. As I finally crawled into my pjs my phone whistled, about zillion texts messages off worried friends offering a bed or words of wisdom. After a few hours of zzzz I then trooped, in Smurf pj bottoms, to the beautiful Kate's home to grab a few more hours of shut eye before my journey to Wakefield.


DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP                                                                
-IT CAN HELP PREVENT FROM TURNING INTO A HOMELESS PERSON.                                          

Mucho Smiles,
bb, xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! Hope you stay tuned for the final edits!

  2. love this post,follow you,hope you can follow me back :D

  3. WOW!! The shoot really looks amazing!! Can not wait to see the final pictures!!!!

    1. nor can I haha hopefully by the end of next week they'll be finished

      bb, xoxo


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